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Index of /changeup/Docs/EGP

    not sure whether I should be able to see this directory but it has some useful docs in it

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East Kent CVS

Report about ICT Support Services for vol and comm orgs produced by East Kent CVS in January 2006.

Useful insight into common problems with one or two suggestions that caught my eye:

– engaging with businesses at a local level

– buying in bulk via infrastructure orgs

– need to build knowledge of ICT strategy at CVS level

Available from theRAISE website at http://preview.tinyurl.com/2y268f

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Capacitybuilders – Regions

    in case you didn’t know, it’s currently:

email: kat.pearce@capacitybuilders.org.uk
tel: 07789 171631

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Directory of Social Change Editorial
The Directory of Social Change remains unconvinced by the achievements of ChangeUp so far, as well as challenging the processes and assumptions that have underpinned it.

The article refers to the Capacity Builders consultation process that is now underway and hopes that it may help formulate a considered review of the successes and faiilures of hubs, infrastructure and all the other jargon that dominates a certain layer of the voluntary and community sector [hint: it’s not the layer that that delivers the servcies and support in our communities].

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A good example of taster courses runing in a community IT centre in Hangleton & Knoll, in north Hove. NB includes creche places.


The following two hour taster courses will take place during July

Digital Art

This course concentrates on the manipulation of graphics and digital images to produce designs for any project – from calendars to book covers.

Hangleton Community Centre, Thursday 12 July 10-12

Introduction to Digital Photography

This course will give you an idea on using a digital camera, how to take photos and put them on the computer ready for printing and editing.

St Richards Church & Community Centre, Friday 6th July 10-12


Learn how to find your way around the keyboard and use the mouse effectively.

Hangleton Community Centre, Wednesday 4th July 10-12

Internet & Email

Is aimed at people who have used a computer before and are able to create and manage files and folders. It is for anyone interested in learning about sending and receiving emails, attaching files to emails and being able to find information on the World Wide Web for a work or home situation. This is complementary to Genealogy.

Hangleton Community Centre, Monday July 2 10-12

Intro to Computers

Is aimed at people who haven’t used a computer before and want to find out the basics.

St Richards Church & Community Centre, Tuesday 10 July 10-12


It is aimed at people with some computer experience. The course will cover data entry; formatting; spreadsheet manipulation (i.e. column width adjustment); simple and more complex formulas and creating charts.

St Richards Church & Community Centre, Monday 9th July 6.30


How to go about tracing a family tree using the internet and other local resources, bring along family info with you to this session.

St Richards Church & Community Centre, Monday July 2 1 -3pm

Adobe Photoshop

is a professional digital editing program that enables the user to create and manipulate images on a computer in a variety of ways. You will learn skills such as re-sizing, cropping, colour correction, image repair, red eye correction and much more

Hangleton Community Centre, Tuesday 3rd July 6.30-8.30


Finding out the different places to make your own website or community information space

St Richards Church & Community Centre, Wednesday 11th July 6.30-8.30


Please let us know if Creches are needed



The price for each session is £2 for more information call Ruth 821370

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Google Co-op – Custom Search Engine to search health information in Brighton & Hove

The [relatively new] Google Coop brings the power of the Google Search Appliance into the public domain and can be used for free for not for profit purposes.

The Google Search Appliance [GSA] is the tool that powers the p2b.net search engine that I have helped develop in Brighton & Hove. It is a federated search tool that can be programmed to search specific URLs, down to docuent level.

The license for the GSA cost £60k for three years use, and when we bought in late 2004 it was the only real commercial option available from Google – athough others were beginning to develop similar products.

Now the Google Coop brings very similar power to your fingertips, for free. I recommend a tour to see what it can do.

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Quintura for Kids

This is a search engine designed for children, with safe filters and an attempt at to ceate a child-friendly interface. Lots of nice features, especially the floating thesaurus that moves a you hover on keywords, but I really don’t like the graphic style they use.


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