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Good day today at Brighton Uni, with Prof Flis Henwood and her team working on a Department of Health project about how ICT can help people self manage weight issues.
Started with small team meeting, getting to know the others working on the project [I’m working on the project one day a month].
Then an Advisory Group meeting with several people I know and finally a partner meeting where I ran a session using a version of the card game developed by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie at Useful Games.
I developed some new cards to fit with a health information project, which I’ll post up some time.
The most popular choices seemed to be training workshops in digital health.
There was a fantastic quality and diversity of expertise in the room all day, and a great range of discussion covering every possible base and then some. The project is still at the stage where everything feels possible – I hope Flis can rein that in, gently but firmly, to create a firm foundation for the research in the next two years.


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