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When times are tough do you cut your communciations budget first or last? Is this the time to get out and tell people how great you are to raise funds, or keep your head down, rein in all your costs and hope for a big bid to come through pronto? The people at NGO.Media have spoken to specialist communications staff at various charities have produced a list of five top tips:

  • Outsource to save money
  • Stick to timescales so everyone knows what they’re doing
  • Get service users and volunteers involved
  • Focus clearly on your key aims
  • Manage your time and projects extra carefully.

A lot of the examples given are from larger, higher profile national charities, but it is a useful glimpse into the work of professional charity communications workers during very uncertain times. Read the full story at http://icanhaz.com/creditcrunchcomms

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The wisdom of wikipedia

I’m reading the Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki which is interesting enough, but I’d suggest dipping your toe into the wikipedia version before deciding whether you want to read the whole thing.

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